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Why my camera suddenly stops working ?

I already have read every single letter in the user manual so I know that the temperature could make my camera stop working. Unfortunately, my camera stops working suddenly (at normal temperature) just at the middle of the fun.
In my opinion this could be a software problem, couldn't it ?

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Re: Why my camera suddenly stops working ?

Hi @Überraschung


Sorry to hear about that. It could be a software problem. Have you tried running a manual update to the camera? This reinstallation may correct any errors in the last installation. 


This could also be an issue of SD card compatibility. What kind of card are you using in the camera, and have you tried using any of the recommended cards? There's a list HERE


About how long does it take for the camera to stop working, and does the recording merely stop or does the camera freeze up once it's stopped too? 

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Re: Why my camera suddenly stops working ?

I guess it is caused by the software, because I haven't updated it. I couldn't manage to find out how, but now I know, that I have to register and follow the steps... 
The memory card I am currently using is by SAMSUNG,  32GB EVO.

Thank you !

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Re: Why my camera suddenly stops working ?

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Re: Why my camera suddenly stops working ?


I have the same problem with my Herro Session.

The video stop itself after several seconds, with 3 "bips" (instead of 5) and after that it is not more possible to take other videos. The camera is "frozen" and I need to push the "selection" button during 10 seconds to be able to restart the camera.

I am unsing a SCAN DISK Ultra 64 GB micro SD card XC1.


@danielr15 wrote:


Try using a SD card that works with GoPro cameras.