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Why is video quality 720p to YouTube?

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After uploading videos from my Hero 8 to youtube, my videos can only be watched in 720p, despite being shot in 4k. What am I doing wrong?

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Re: Why is video quality 720p to YouTube?

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It's going to depend on a lot of things.  How are you editing your video?  What are your output settings?  Are you just uploading video directly from your camera?  Are you using the GoPro App?


If you're using an editor, you're going to have to check your output settings, you could just be editing and outputting in 720P

If you're using the Quick App, your output is limited (on android) to 1080P

If you're uploading directly from the camera, it takes YouTube quite some time to process the 4K video and it will offer a lower quality resolution video first (720p).


Since we don't have enough details about your workflow, it's impossible to nail down an exact cause at the moment.

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Re: Why is video quality 720p to YouTube?

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this is what youtube does, they will  render and make available within minutes SD quality, then HD quality and takes 24 plus hours for 4K, they cut out 2.7K and will lower the standards to 1080P.  the converting process takes time today, which should answer your question.


this video was made today in the AM hour, and will process to 4K by tomorrow, if you want 4K  in a heart beat then  the video has to be 10 seconds long and will render in a few hours time. since its a few minutes long it will take a lot longer today



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