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Why is the connection to the camera done by WiFi?

Why didn't you use Bluetooth instead?


This way is so annoying both phone or tablet correct to the camera for like 3 montes or 4 and while you are doing videos it just disconnects because it identifies the camera connection as not having internet. I really don't understand your design team decision is the WiFi component much cheaper or reliable than Bluetooth?

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Re: Why is the connection to the camera done by WiFi?

Hi @cstmgl,


If you forget any WiFi networks that you have previously joined it should not switch networks.


If you would like to pass that  feedback along to our team you can do so here!




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Re: Why is the connection to the camera done by WiFi?

hi Ryan,


thanks or the feedback, but how does that make any sense that any time I want to use the device I have to "forget" all my networks?


I mean most of the times if I'm home I know the connection details by hearth so i can just reset it, but on the move, travel that is not the case and just lose the connection so the gopro can be happy is just plain silly.


also imagine I would have a gopro+ account (which I don't) how would I upload the things to the cloud withouth the internet connection.


I really don't understand this desing decision but yes I will give the feedback.


I guess you guys have a reason to make it this way but I just can't understand why this is not done by bluetooth... 
for example chromecast as the same setup where you need to do the setup over wifi instead of bluetooth but there i assume is because the price of the device is cheaper because you only need one of the chipsets, but in this case I don't really see why you needed this decision.


specially since I can use the bluetooth to connect to the remote and other things but for the app I must use the wifi...