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Why does my gopro hero session randomly turn on and off while recording?

On my gopro hero session, I press the record button for approx 1 sec and it will record for about ten seconds, then turn off and about thirty seconds later the camera will turn back on, and then repeat. During this process it does not save any footage onto the SD card.

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Re: Why does my gopro hero session randomly turn on and off while recording?

Hi @fireygorge08661,


Typically, recording issue is correlated to either a problem with the SD card being used, or the camera itself. Try using a different SD card (if available). If it records fine, then the issue is likely stemming from the SD card. 


You can get the full list of microSD cards that are known to work well with GoPro cameras here


It is also advisable to format the SD card before use. (NOTE: Reformatting the SD card will delete all data off of the card, so be sure that you save any videos or pictures you want to keep on your computer before reformatting the SD card.) 


Reinstalling the firmware update of the camera can also help correct any errors with the current software installation. Follow the manual update instructions specified on this article: Software Update Instructions for Session Cameras



Hopefully this helps.