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Why can't I select the file format for Fusion Studio output?

Using GoPro Fusion Studio 1.3 (9/11/2018 Release), why can't I determine the output file format?


I've deduced that trying to render in 5.2K will only output an uncompressed MOV file that is way too large to use. Cyberlink Power Director 17 will only see it as an audio file.


Rendering the same footage in 3K or 4K will output an MP4 file, which makes all of life easier.


I don't see any doucmentation telling me why this is. Why can't Fusion Studio just ask me what output format I'd like to render to? If MP4 can't handle 5.2K video, then there should be a note that says so. Don't make me waste time experimenting.


Also, attempting to render in 360 Audio will crash Fusion Studio every time, but if I select Stereo audio output, it works fine. I'm running an Intel i9-9900K with an RTX 2070 GPU, so I don't want to hear it that I don't have the specs.


Please GoPro, change the GUI on Fusion Studio. The users of this hardware would appreciate some honest options. What's the difference in output files between rendering for Facebook, YouTube, Editing, or whatever the fourth option is? There's no explanations of what any of the options do. I just want an MP4 file I can directly upload to YouTube OR splice together in Power Director. Give me that. If MP4 can't handle 5.2K, then say so.


One last gripe, there should be a disclaimer in the software that your output file's "initial viewing orientation" that you adjust it to when you start the render. That should absolutely be made more clear to the user.

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Re: Why can't I select the file format for Fusion Studio output?

The GUI on Fusion Studio is very easy to use and gives you many options for rendering and outputting footage.  When you add something to the render queue the first thing that pops up is the option to render for Youtube, Facebook, or editing.  I'm not sure why you're not seeing those options.  The above options are optimized for the various tasks (uploading to youtube, uploading to Facebook or editing high quality files).


When you add something to your render queue you can also click on it, this will bring up the options of outputting to H.264, Cineform or Prores.  You can also select the output size and audio channels.



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Re: Why can't I select the file format for Fusion Studio output?

Thanks for your reply, irishmanpdx.


The GUI on Fusion Studio assumes I know more than I know. When you first select a video clip and click "Add to the Render Queue", you get this:


Fusion Choices.png


Fusion does nothing to educate me as to what, exactly, I'm getting depending on my selections. What are the differences in my output, based on what I select? Why is there a difference in my Export Destinations? Zero explanation is given. I have to figure out what output I want based on trial and error.


Render Choices.PNG


Yeah, I see the options, but in the context of "What is GoPro going to give me", I get ZERO information. What's the difference in what I select? What am I going to end up with? Do I have to process the whole file to figure out it's not going to work with my editing program? It's crazy inefficient. 


Maybe I know more than GoPro assumes I know. Maybe I ask too many questions. Maybe I know less than GoPro expects me to know. But FFS, what I want is something like the Power Director's interface:


PowerDirector Choices.PNG


Ahhhhh. Isn't this nice? I get a pulldown of File Extensions. Pushbuttons of Video Codecs. Options of the audio outputs. A description of what the hell I'm about to do.


Fusion has none of this, and crashes if I dare try out "360 Audio".


Fusion makes it like a Corn Maze. You stumbled your way through in the dark, found something that works but don't know why, and you'll replicate that effort everytime, without daring to try anything different.


It's crap.


Fusion needs to tell the user what they're going to get, before they get it, and don't understand why.

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Re: Why can't I select the file format for Fusion Studio output?

Did you spend any time searching the GoPro Support site to find answers before posting? Most answers can be found if you just type your question in the search box. For example, I typed "Fusion Studio" and received the following FAQ links. Maybe they will help you out.

And then here are some articles found quickly on Google

It really is amazing what you can find if you just look for it.
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Re: Why can't I select the file format for Fusion Studio output?

The simple explination is that Fusion Studio is designed for one thing and one thing only.  That is rendering GoPro Fusion Footage.  It gives you options on what the rendered output is going to be depending on the usage (uploading to youtube, facebook, or editing on the PC) and allowing you to create clips from your video's..  


Power Director on the other hand is a $129 video editing suite.  It is designed to produce, trim, join, overlay, incorporate effects, and basically edit entire video projects.  As a result it going to have far more options as regards file formats, types, extensions etc. 


So each piece of software performs certain tasks based upon what it's designed to do. 


By application of similar logic, this is also why your daily driver vehicle is not going to win any Formula 1 races.  It's just not designed to do that (and you don't want a Formula 1 car as a daily driver, the suspension and gas mileage is terrible). Smiley Very Happy