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Who here is gonna get the GoPro 8 Black?

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Hey all. I've made my final decision between whether to get the GoPro 7 Black or GoPro 8 Black. And it will be the GoPro 8 Black. 


GoPro New Zealand has set an RRP of NZ$668 and will come out around 20 October 2019 (later this month). Noel Leeming, a major NZ retailer, is having a sale for the 7 Black of NZ$498 the sale ends October 6. 


Key reasons why I'm chosing the 8 over the 7: 


1. Still should have Hypersmooth stability for 4K60FPS HDR Video Recording. 

2. Maybe newer chip, and still has 2GB RAM like the 7 Black? 

3. Better mic system especially with wind noise reduction. 

4. Better mount system. 

5. Maybe they've addressed the waterproof/overheating complaints from the GoPro 7 Black? 

6. Better performance in low light/night. 

7. Water resistant, but it would be more of a gaurantee if they put forth the effort to get an IP 67/68 rating like what several smartphones have. 


I like iJustine's YouTube video about the GoPro 7 Black. But the GoPro 8 has some good videos too, one of my favourite from an Australian video posted today. 


NZ$668 is such a cheap price to pay for a compact camera that can do all of these things in 4k60fps (1) HDR (2) ultrasmooth stability (3) windnoise reduction mic system.

Even the iPhone 11 Pro and Samsung S10+, which.... are WAAYYYYY more expensive, towards $2,000!! can't do ALL of those things. 


I'm a YouTuber from New Zealand. Currently have a Samsung S9 phone and.... yeah, that's about it. I used to have a Sony CX405 but sold it. I'll be getting the Sony AX700 towards the end of this year as it has a long range zoom, ND Filters, and can do 4k30fps with no time limit for 4k video recording and it doesn't overheat. I'm also looking at getting the Surface Pro 7 Intel Core i5 256GB version. Microsoft will announce this in a few hours October 2 at their New York Event. 


I have expensive taste, but I prefer quality products which are within my budget that will last me years. Was considering getting another phone but I'll make do with my S9 for now. Not a fan of the hole punch, insecure face ID, and fussy fingerprint reader on the S10 series. 


Chur everyone ^u^

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Re: Who here is gonna get the GoPro 8 Black?

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Congratulations on the camera!

1. Stabilization is available in ALL resolutions
2. Same chip, but with enhancement tweaking, unknown at this time about RAM
3. Definitely better mic system
4. Much better mounting system
5. No issues with HERO7 (or HERO6) waterproofing. There were some issues initially with HERO5 Black. Reported issues almost always due to user error. As far as overheating, most likely, yes. Especially with the improved HERO8 battery (but you still need to use a good SD card). However, prolonged continuous high resolution/ high frame rate recording will make any camera hot (especially when enclosed in a small waterproof housing. The operating ambient temperature range of your HERO8 Black is 14° F ~ 95° F (10° C ~ 35° C). Your camera was designed to recognize when it’s at risk of overheating and will shut down when needed.
6. It does appear (from the few videos I've seen) that low light is better, but this is an Action camera with a small sensor. It can only do so much in low light.
7. Not sure why an IP rating would matter, but I've been using my HERO5/6/7 Black cameras in the ocean 3-4 times a week for several years. Absolutely no issues with waterproofing (but you do need to clean the camera properly after use).

If I didn't already have the HERO7 Black, I'd be jumping on this camera right away. Currently my interest is in the GoPro Max, but I do think you made the right decision. The HERO7 Black is great, but the HERO8 seems to take everything great about the HERO7 Black and make it so much better. Enjoy the camera!

BTW: Just a heads up about this forum. It's mostly populated by people trolling GoPro, so don't take too many of the negative comments you might get to heart.