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Which computer for Fusion workflow?

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I recently bought a Fusion camera and realize that my computer was far too old to stitch Fusion content.

I can not even upload my raw files into Fusion Studio, it crashes all the time.


Actual Computer

MAC OS 10.11

Intel Core i5 3,1 GHz 

16 Go DDR3 à 1333 MHz

AMD Radeon HD 6970M 1024 Mo


I want to buy a brand new computer to stitch and export Fusion content in Fusion Studio.

And I also want to edit my VR movies in Adobe After Effects and Première.


What solution would be the best for a smooth worflow?


1/ MAC

OS 10.13

Intel Core i7 quadricœur de 7e génération à 4,2 GHz 

32 Go DDR4 à 2 400 MHz

Radeon Pro 580 avec 8 Go de mémoire vidéo

SSD de 1 To


2/ PC

WIN 10
Intel Core i7 8700
32Go DDR4 à 2666 MHz
GeForce GTX 1080 - 11 Go
SSD de 960 Go


Thanks for your advices!


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Re: Which computer for Fusion workflow?

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Re: Which computer for Fusion workflow?

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Hi @timographie360


Here is the Minimum System Requirements for the GoPro Fusion Studio App


I hope this helps.



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Re: Which computer for Fusion workflow?

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Thanks @aragon1006
I already read the minimum system requirements for GoPro fusion but I wanted to be sure before buying. I also read differents experiences of people with really powerfull computers having troubles using Fusion Studio, and wanted to have some feedback using this type of configuration.
Thanks again for your answer.