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Where's my money???

DO NOT PURCHASE FROM GOPRO!!! 3 weeks ago I purchased a gopro through the online store, whilst making the purchase, the site glitched and with no order confirmation I proceeded to go through the process again, this time it worked. Luckily I checked my bank balance, which showed 2 identical transactions. I immediately contacted customer support, to which they told me it was an error, there was only one order and that I would be refunded the second transaction within 1-2 days. This was a lie. Another order confirmation magically appeared 4 days later, after I had been assured that there was no 2nd order, but later also told there was a second order but it had been cancelled?? Anyway, these muppets sent the second order, the order that had apparently been cancelled. GoPro then sent me an email explaining that the second order, ya know, the one they'd assured me was cancelled, had been dispatched, but they were going to 'try' and get it redirected straight back to the gopro warehouse, which they actually managed to do! But yeah, after all this, I'm still waiting on my money to be refunded, my money that I was supposed to be refunded 3 weeks ago after they'd 'cancelled' the order that they didn't actually cancelled, they reckon it's gonna take another 3 weeks. They can make a pretty good camera, but what I reckon they should start is a service where they stop people with online shopping habits from spending their money by holding on to it for them but with no assurance of getting it back, kinda like the stock market, but with no chance of profit,

cheers GoPro!

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Re: Where's my money???

Sorry you've had these issues. If you continue to work with our Support team at, we will continue to dig into this issue with you to see if we can expedite it.

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Re: Where's my money???

Believe me, I have. I must’ve been in contact with customer support about 8-10 times, but I only have so many hours in the day, and I really don’t want to waste them contacting GoPro customer support to be told the same thing over and over again; “we are working with our team to sort this, you will be notified when your refund is being processed which ‘should’ be 10-15 working days”.