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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

@enc3ladus I think I get it. You want the battery indicator on the rear LCD, Correct? I believe this was discussed, maybe on a different forum, and it was based on available RAM and/or the new Pericom PI3USB9281 chip. While the battery indicator would be nice, I don't think it's going to happen.

I got a little confused because of @ilpol3114 comment, ""NO". HEVC files can be edited with third party programs, but this should be fixed by GoPro. Unbelievable issues with it."

I'm still not sure what he's talking about.
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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

All I need it this:

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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

[ Edited ]

Sorry danielr15, jumping between two things.
-Battery can't be charged while recording
-HEVC files can't be edited with GP own tools.

For a customer, this should be "a ready made package".
Now You have to start asking/browsing internet, how to edit Your footages.
(If You can get any as battery will be drained, because of the charging issue...)

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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

You wont get charging of the battery while the camera is recording, but if I understand, the issue is the camera continues to make the battery the priority energy source instead of bypassing it to receive the power from the external source.

The reason I say that you wont get battery charging while recording is because the external power has to go to either the battery or to the system processors. If it is going to the battery, then the battery is simultaneously being drained due to the recording. So, while the power may go through the battery, it will not increase in power supply, unless the power to the battery is greater than the power out to the recording process.

If the power bypasses the battery and goes straight to the camera processes, well, then obviously there will be no charging of the battery.

The HERO7 Black uses a different chip than the previous GoPro Hero cameras. It uses the Pericom PI3USB9281 which has the function of protecting against bad chargers, detecting power, usb pin muxing. If there is varience in the power supply or through the cable, you will get issues for sure. Even if the same setup works on a different GoPro like the HERO6 or HERO5, the HERO7 Black gives a lot less tolerance.

I assume you have tested this on the new firmware (I have not) but I suggest using the supplied GoPro USB-C cable and a wall charger to test it. If it does work like this, then you can investigate what may be wrong with your setup when using other power supplies and/or cables. If it doesn't work on the wall charger and supplied USB-C cable, then you don't have to waist time with your other setup.

As far as HEVC files, I assume you are talking about the Quik Desktop app. All I can say about that is, GoPro is a camera company. Desktop software has never been their strength. If you want Quik style videos, I suggest you use the mobile app, as it's very good. If you want an editor, then there are plenty of free professional - beginner software programs available. For GPS gauges, RaceRender and Dashware work.

However, we will see. GoPro didn't release an update to Quick for Desktop, they released an update for the HERO7 Black. Perhaps they will have a software release in the near future.
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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

I have noticed poorer hypersmooth performance over the slightest bumps where 1.51 the image quality was rock solid. I would like to revert to 1.51
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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

The December firmware has been released. Just updated. We will see how it goes.
Stabilization still has a very notable lag when recording & viewing on the Gopro app.
Also audio and video and very much out of sync when using the external mic adapter with stabilization.
Both issues disappear with stabilization disabled.
Live streaming to youtube seemed to work although the stream Quality was not so good, video & audio seemed to break up on occasions and I had a strong 4g signal. Live streaming straight from the phone did not have those issues. Also had to restart live streaming as it suddenly stopped the first time. So live streaming cannot be relied upon even with a strong 4g Hotspot signal at this stage...
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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

@danielr15 wrote:

Please pass on to the team, that for at least one user, having the options for the following stabilization options on EVERY Hypersmooth resolution/frame rate would be ideal and highly appreciated:
Auto - Hypersmooth automatically adjust to available light reducing stabilization as needed to ensure the cleanest image
Hypersmooth Lock - Hypersmooth strength remains constant at a high level ensuring the smoothest video (in low light images may become blurry or distorted)
Standard - Regular stabilization without Hypersmooth processing. Good for lower light or slow camera movement.
Off- No stabilization applied.

Spot on.


Gopro can offer :





in Protunes and or both areas of where  wechoose  it, that is the question.

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Re: When is the december 2018 firmware release ?

I feel the voice commands are a little better after the update.



Not had chance to try much else yet.