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Whats the best way to reframe Max 360 video to linear?

GoPro rep Abe Kislevitz has a youtube walkthrough of the plug-in for reframing GoPro Max 360 content using GoPro FX Reframe for Adobe Premiere & After Effect. It allows you to adjust the lens curve of the video's corners to make the 360 video appear Linear across the entire horizon line. Like a real rectolinear lens.


Is there any way to achieve this with just the Go Pro iphone/ipad app?? I want to remove as much fisheye distortion as possible.


it's shown in his video below at 7:40

This is a walkthrough of the new plug-in for reframing 360 content: GoPro FX Reframe for Adobe Premiere & After Effects. Skip ahead to a specific part below:...