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What setting for least memory?

So yes I've googled and cant find the answer anywhere. I my 128gb card fills up faaaasst crazy fast seems like... so I've stopped using 4k but on my camera I have a choice between 1080p at 30fps or 720p at 60fps. Obviously the 720 would use less but it has double the fps and that's the lowest option my gopro has... so would 1080at30 use less memory than 720at60?? I'm just assuming they are about the same so I use 1080 but I honestly have no real idea, and need to know this having to delete vids every couple of rides is getting on my nerves, also I would like to set up my camera for looping so I can catch the person who keep letting their dog poop in my driveway.
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Re: What setting for least memory?

So using a GP4 Black with a 128GB card, here's what you should get with the different settings recording wise with Protune OFF:


4K @ 30FPS Wide:  4Hrs 26M

4K @ 24FPS Wide:  4Hrs 26M

2.7K @ 60FPS Wide: 4H 29M

2.7K @ 30FPS Wide: 5H 53M

1080P @ 124 FPS Wide:  4H 29M

1080P @ 60FPS Wide:  8H 44M

1080P @ 30FPS Wide:  8H 12M (It's odd that this is less time than the above, but since it's the most popular recording format, it's possible that the GoPro increases the bit rate for this recording automatically this reducing storage capacity)

720P @ 60FPS Wide:  8H 12M

720P @ 30FPS Wide:  11H 40M

WVGA @ 240FPS:  8H 47M


Please note, that all of the above is with a cleanly formatted SD card.  These setting are all available on the GoPro Hero 4 black.  If you're experiencing very short recording times this could be due to either files still on your card or if you delete the files from the SD card via the app, the card still doesn't format properly and you won't actually free up any space.  So back up any files you want off your SD card and then format the card in your camera rather than delete individual photos and video's.


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Re: What setting for least memory?

You might be better off with a security camera. A Wyze cam cost about $25, record to a microSD, and upload to cloud. They can also be set to only record when motion, noise, or a person is detected. It will also send a notification to your phone when something gets captured. An action camera can work, but if your looping, you run the risk of the camera overwriting what you were hoping to capture.