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What is the Maximum Shutter Speed

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I am taking still photos using a GoPro Hero 5 and a GoPro Hero 7 (both Black), at a 0.5 second interval.

My question is what the maximum (digital) shutter speed would be that the GoPro can achieve if I added more light to the subject?

Some of the photos I have the shutter speed (Exif.Photo.ShuuterSpeedValue) is 1/2150 second on a bright day.


The aim of my exercise is to capture the fastest motion without motion blur, so I want to determine how many lights to add onto the subject.

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Re: What is the Maximum Shutter Speed

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I was able to get a photo of a very white surface during full sunlight, and achieved a shutter speed of 1 / 7471th of a second! (that is 0.000133 second exposure time)

But I still do not know what the theoretical maximum digital shutter speed would be.