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Re: What computing resource does Fusion Studio utilize most?

I have been playing around with the fusion studio over the last couple days and I feel that I need a computer upgrade.  Looking around the internet i found this forum posting and I seem to be in the same boat as everyone here.  The difference is I have very good components and i am not to sure if an upgrade would do anything.


CPU: i5-7640x (5.04Ghz) This is a 4 core no hyperthread cpu, it is ranked number 1 for single core performance.



DISK: Samsung 960 Pro


Basically while rendering the CPU is Pegged at 100%, The GPU runs at 60% the disk is running at 1%.  


Luckily when I built my computer i chose the X299 so that in the future i can upgrade to an i7 or i9 just by swapping out the CPU.  I was thinking of going to a more core system but from what i read here those systems don't get utilized at all.


I have run fusion studio on my macbook pro and it tanked.  it managed to render a 30 second clip in 20 minutes running at 45% CPU and drained my battery while plugged into the wall.  I will never run it on my mac ever again, its not worth it.


Back to my PC, I have a feeling that my CPU maybe bottlenecking my GPU.


To comment on an earlier post the Samsung 960 Pro makes no difference.  Rendering is not impacted by disk throughput.  All of you are seeing 33MB/s read / write that even a spinning disk can maintain. 

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Re: What computing resource does Fusion Studio utilize most?

Yea you need moaare cores! The more cores the better.
You cpu is great for gaming imho, not so good for video rendering.


You need an i7 with at least 6 cores, hyperthreading > 12 threads


unless you enjoy watching paint dry


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Re: What computing resource does Fusion Studio utilize most?

After looking at some of the comments i think that Hyper-thredding is not used at all.  More cores is right, but when people post only 60% utiization of CPU, i think fusion studio does not take advantage of hyper-threadding.  I am thinking ot bump it to an i7- 7820x (8-core, 16 threads).  I could go i9, but i don't feel like delidding the cpu to add the liquid metal to keep the CPU from thermal throttling.

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Re: What computing resource does Fusion Studio utilize most?

@bigsmiles2 A bunch of us in the Fusion Facebook group rendered the same footage on our systems to give people a rough idea of performance to expect on different systems and graphics cards. The link to the summary of the tests is below. There is also a link there to the footage if you want to run it on your system. You could then better compare your system to others.