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What Features Do You Want To See On The GoPro HERO 10 Black?

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What do you want to see on the hero 10? Post your Ideas here. Hopefully GoPro uses some of these. What New Hardware, Mods, Firmware, Features do you wat to see. Even post some features that you want to keep.


Some Of My Ideas:

-Bigger Sensor (More Light)

-480FPS or even 960FPS

-Removable Lens Protector.

-GPS statistics. (NO/2D/3D Connection)

-Custom voice commands (Within Reason)



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Re: What Features Do You Want To See On The GoPro HERO 10 Black?

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i want GoPro to (in priority order - but should be standard)


  1. Pay a telco and get a phone number for customers to call
  2. Get a support email address
  3. camera to operate at ambient temperature and not shut down
    1. NOT Heat the operators head/chest
      1. Lithium time bomb here
  4. to be properly tested before release
    1. having to wait 4 months to have advertised features work is not acceptable
    2. early adopters can't use their brick and special bundles come up to move more we missed out on - NOT FAIR!!!!!!
  5. a form factor that is set in stone for 3-6 years so accessories suit the next release - hero 8 is a class case
  6. actually care about their customers
  7. go on a weight loss program -  9 is too heavy
  8. open API for purists to modify code AND make it better than gopro can between smoking bongs, surfing and living in the clouds
  9. labs custom profiles to over ride exising profiles to toggle - GPS, WiFi, VC etc
  10. Panoramic photo mode like most phones have
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Re: What Features Do You Want To See On The GoPro HERO 10 Black?

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I'd like to see the size stay the same. I'm scared to buy accessories now, because the Hero 10 may be a different size. I definitely like the option of more than 1 stabilization mode, some videos look better with a bit of movement. 4k video at 120fps would be nice too. 5k isnt' too useful yet. Of course battery life is still an issue.

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Re: What Features Do You Want To See On The GoPro HERO 10 Black?

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I don't mind the increased size of the 9, I could happily put up with another size increase if it meant a larger battery and a larger sensor.




1:  Longer lasting battery or the option of adding an external (water proof) battery pack for those long timelapse shots.

2:  Increased low light sensativity, so a larger sensor size would help with that one.

3:  Don't overclock the GP1 chip any more...  bring along the GP2... so cooler running camera and less power consumption

4:  Better flat color profile than the current Hero 9

5:  Higher frame rate, even 240 FPS could be improved upon.

6:  Renamable profiles AND the ability to share said profiles (something which could be done using an export button on the QR app), would make photo and video tutorials a breeze.

7:  GoPro Labs support (but with better stability)

8:  License the GoPro Telemetry Overlay software and give people a basic PC editing app with GPS data.  They have been crying out for it for ages and I'm sure you could whip a deal together.

9:  Better adjustable sound options when using the media mod.  The GP9 has peak meters but the ability to fine adjust the gain would be awesome.

10:  Limited edition GoPro models (hey, if they sold a hot pink model to support breast cancer awareness, this would be great on 2 levels.   1 it would support breast cancer awareness, 2..... aint no one ever going to steal a bright pink camera!)

11:  To add to the above, since many laptop manufactures offer it now, what about a personalized GoPro that's lazer etched?  Great for gifts

12:  Since the 10 "should" be a big release, a milestone as it were....   bring out more Lifestyle gear to celebrate.  Where's the GoPro facemask?  The GoPro baseball cap? ( a lid is not a cap, they are just awful looking).  GoPro gloves that work with the touch screen!  


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Re: What Features Do You Want To See On The GoPro HERO 10 Black?

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1440P livestream. 

multicam recording

BLTE wireless mic   less  the Dongle, 

remote control via IP, and internet not    unlimited range


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Re: What Features Do You Want To See On The GoPro HERO 10 Black?

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Wow there are some good Ideas here. Hope GoPro incorperates atleast some of these. (Bigger sensor, GP2, bigger battery and so on)