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Weird splitting effect on watching GoPro Fusion footage

Hi there,


Our video guy has shot some footage on GoPro fusion and we cannot get rid of this weird effect. It's like the person is splitting into 2 people while moving and one is a few cms to the left or right. It happens with every movement (hands, people etc). On the PC sometimes it's seen as a shadow that is trailing the person but on Gear VR it is like jerking/stopping/splitting the image. I have recorded footage from withing Samsung Gear VR to show what I'm talking about - you can see the shadowy/trailing effect on the legs and the jumping/splitting of the image on the head and body. Hope you can see that, if not I will zoom in on the footage and re-upload.


If you slow the youtube video to 0,5 speed, the effect on the legs will be more visible but the effect on the head is less visible. On 0,75 the head effect is more visible - here I've recorded a gif also ->


On Gear VR this is very visible due to a larger screen.


I tried exporting directly from the raw files into h265, h264 into 30 fps, upscaling into 60 fps and the same thing.


Any help is much appreciated.



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Re: Weird splitting effect on watching GoPro Fusion footage

Hello @spiryboost66000


Thank you for reaching out. It could be due to stitch line but the person is actually at a certain distance from the drone based on the video that you provided. What resolution/frame rate settings did you have on the Fusion camera when you captured the particular video? Is this effect observed in other videos, too? How was the Fusion mounted? Was it moving, or static? For any camera image issue, we would like to get more details to verify the issue. See if the following will help clear the issue. 

  1. Make sure the camera lenses are cleaned thoroughly.
  2. Manually update the camera firmware
  3. Reset all camera settings. 
  4. Make sure that you are using a recommended SD card and format the cards prior to taking another sample video.
  5. Find a well-lit environment: (a) indoor lighting can be inconsistent and dim; (b) ideally, you want to be outdoors in bright sunlight
  6. Take a sample video. You can experiment with the Fusion mounted, not moving, moving. 
  7. Post sample video to see if the issue remains. 

Let us know how it goes.