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Waterproof ports on hero 7?

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Hey guys, I'm currently considering getting a hero 7 black and would mainly be using it mounted to my helmet on my motorcycle. My dilema is that since they move the charge port from the rear of the camera to the side now, the convenient extended cases you couldve used before are no longer an option for extensive recording times so I was wondering if I had a cable plugged in to use an external power source, would the camera retain its waterproof rating, obviously I wouldnt be doing any extensive exposure to water other than possible heavy rain while I am riding on my motorcycle. So if anyone knows offhand if the ports themselves are waterproof like on cellphones or if the little hatch has to be closed to retain that, or if theres an altogether different solution anyone could suggest for what I plan on using it for it would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Waterproof ports on hero 7?

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No the side ports were always there and no they didnot waterproof it, you are best to buy a  case modify it. or get one that is a lot bulkier and add protection like at bestbuy for around 50 and adds power to it keeping it waterproof.