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Water damage, despite the camera door being shut !

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It was a brand new gopro hero 9. The exposure to water was not more than 10 to 15 mins, and im pretty sure i didnt go more than 11 and half meters down. I have been trying to reach out to support team. They never seem to be available. Having spend so much money to face such a poor respose from customer support.


can someone please help me out ?


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Re: Water damage, despite the camera door being shut !

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@arjunp478, sorry to hear about what happened. Our Support Team will be able to assist you further with this.


When contacting our Support Team through, if you haven't yet, try again after clearing cache and cookies or using a different browser. You may also explore using an incognito browser to see if it makes a difference. Also, please manually enter the details on the form; do not copy-paste the info.


Once on the page, fill out the form and you will be given an option to initiate a chat conversation or to request a callback. Be sure to put in your best contact number on the form.


Should you encounter any issue scheduling a callback or a live chat, please ensure that your browser isn't blocking cookies and the pop-up blocker should be disabled. If you run across issues, there are some suggestions provided by a Hub member in this thread that might help.

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Re: Water damage, despite the camera door being shut !

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I have a cousin that had the very same issue and He contacted support and they sent him a new one because it was a factory defect.. Also I have had bad luck with support today but I had very good success during the week. try a week day when they shouldnt be as swamped, Hope this helps!!