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Videos doesnt get imported to my pc

Hey guys. i just injected my sd card in my macbook air witch contains a series of photos and videos taken by my gopro hero 4 session. however only the photos went to my pc. when i go to the GoPro app on my phone i can see the videos so i know they are there. but why they don't get into my pc i have no clue. can anyone tell me what im doing wrong or how i can fix it? thanks in advance.

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Re: Videos doesnt get imported to my pc


Hi @cooldive44882


How are you viewing the files?

Is it via File Explorer? or through Quik for desktop?

What SD card are you using?



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Re: Videos doesnt get imported to my pc


i just put the SD card into my macbook, every photo gets imported just not the videos, i use a kingston SD card.


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Re: Videos doesnt get imported to my pc

Hi @cooldive44882,


Got it. 


Please make sure to use a recommended SD card since Kingston is not listed as recommended SD card. 

That might be the reason. 


Please check this list to know more: