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Re: Video stitching is still bad

Gonna throw my hat in here..

Yes, the MAX stiching is NOT good....I have the Fusion as well and the Max with its "in-camera" software definitely does not stitch as well as the post processing of the Fusion via Fusion app. The stabilisation also sometimes does not hold out as well.


When I first got the Fusion, it had similar stiching issues which were dramatically improved via firmware updates over time so I'm holding out for Max updates....having said that, GoPro already had a good working model as a base, with the Fusion but something has gone awry with the Max, maybe because of GP move towards their own new 360 format, the new GoPro Player/Explorer with incomplete functionality, mobile app development and the "in-camera" stitching's resulted in a new product that despite its better form factor and user interface, appears inferior to previous models. 


But I'm going to hold onto my Max for a while in the hope that all the issues brought up in this forum get resolved.


Com'on, Gopro don't let me down!

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Re: Video stitching is still bad

I've the same issue, both my GoPro Hero Max render a bad Stiching line...


 -> same videos in Premiere are perfect when rendered using the GoPro PlugIn, we all need a better FW as soon as possible