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Video stabilization

My hero6 crops 10% of the image when I enable video stabilization but I have seen YouTube videos comparison between hero 5 and hero6 but that only crops 5%

Why my hero 6 it’s different?

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Re: Video stabilization

Hi @blondu,


I would make sure that your camera is up to date! The camera should only be cropping 5% when stabilization is turned on.


Do you have any examples of the camera cropping more than 5%? If so where are you seeing this?






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Re: Video stabilization

I have the latest update v1.6 and when I activate video stabilization it shows the in the description that it will crop 10% ... I don’t know how to upload a photo of the camera screen... then you will understand....

Check your camera description when you activate video stabilization....
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Re: Video stabilization

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hi... Smiley LOL


@ryanv12566... @blondu is right... Smiley LOL


truth... this is what is written:


still @blondu... the advertised message is 5% (as compared with the 10% for Hero5)...I did not measure remains only this message






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Re: Video stabilization

Hi @robert1326,


Thank you for sharing that! I will get that over to our Camera Team. 




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Re: Video stabilization

@ryanv12566 thank you

Let us know what Camera Team has to say.

I love GoPro and the stabilization it’s awesome!!!

The problem is the numbers don’t add up.....

I didn’t mesure how much it crops in reality...

It was advertised at 5% on hero6 vs 10% on hero5

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Re: Video stabilization

HI Gopro team.

I have same problem when my GP Hero 6 up to V1.6.
When I turn on the stabilization, the text on the screen shows will crops 10%

I don't see how much it crop the image, but I want to ask what's problem, when Gopro said it only crops 5% on GP6, not 10% as GP5 

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Re: Video stabilization

i've heard of this issue but honestly, i can't reccomend using video stabalization at all until its fixed, right now it will jump frames attempting to re-level itself which ends up looking jumpy.   I'd just turn it off and use a gimbal until its fixed, or sell it, i really hope they fix it in the next firmware update.