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Video plus photos

Do you know how can I do video and pictures at the same time? Because I used to do it with my GoPro 3 but with the 5 I don’t see the option!
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Re: Video plus photos

gopro  removed that awesome feature, and given  us other awesome settings and preferences instead.   if you like to see it back we all need to give Feedback on the botom of the sites page. 


the problem is   if you  were shooting vid + photo and movement a fast pann , a blurred shot....


  you still have the option to video frame grab you can capture  the whole scene then miss a photo shot if asked.


  no longer



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Re: Video plus photos

Hello @nurychavez08


If you are using a HERO5 Black camera, you should have an option for Video + Photo under Video mode options. Alternatively, as Fishy mentioned, you can grab a photo from a video using either the GoPro App for mobile or Quik for desktop. 


Feel free to post back for any other questions or concerns. 



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Re: Video plus photos

GoPro didn't take away the feature, they used a different processor for the Hero6, which doesn't support Video+Photo. The GP1 chip allows for higher resolution/frame rate, reduced rolling shutter, and better stabilization. The chip is made by Socionext who doesn't own the patent to video+photo, Ambarella does.

The Hero5 has an Ambarella chip, and as such has Video+Photo. While the Hero (2018) has the same chip, I'm not sure if it has the feature as it's the budget camera and has fewer options. Personally, I've never found Video+Photo to be very useful as the quality it produces is lacking.