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Video issue

I got my Hero 4 Black and a Hero 3+ Silver second hand. I used them a few times and there were no issues at all.
Now nearly a month later I started having some issues, the same issue on both actually.

When I playback the video, it will freeze for a few seconds, I get verticle lines in the video, generally from the bottom, and some random artifacts in the middle.

Cards are Sandisk Ultra 64gb and New. The red and grey ones. These are the ones I started with and they worked fine.
They are both updated to last firmware, 5 on the Hero4 and 3 something on the Hero3+.

Batteries are freshly charged.
I have done Factory resets on them.

What can I try to do next to fix this? Is there a hard factory reset, could it be cards?

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Re: Video issue

First, stop using SanDisk Ultra. It's a terrible cheap card and prone to errors. It's nearly impossible to troubleshoot camera issues when people use these cards. I'm not saying definitively that the cards are the issue, but most likely they are. If you go to they have even created a bot auto reply anytime the word SD is typed into a comment that supports what I'm saying.

Use a card from this list
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Re: Video issue

I did a test with changing my Hero4 to 30fps instead of 60fps and it helped alot. I will check with the extreme or pro versions tomorrow.

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Re: Video issue

Gopro does not like Ultra or pixtar cards. use a common card  that is noted on the list. as  you raise  the  settings you are  getting issues. the card can be used but buffering is what is happening and you want to be up to speend not slow.

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Re: Video issue

Ok, its the camera. I got the Sandis extreme pro and it still happens.

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Re: Video issue

Hi @michealcudd,

What's the video resolution used? See if recording at the standard 1080P video resolution will make any difference. You may also try to record using the least available video resolution 960P or 720P just to further isolate the problem.

Additionally, do you get the same video playback issue when viewing the videos through your mobile device (transferred via GoPro App)? Or does the issue only happens on your computer?


It might also be possible that your computer isn't able to process the HD video files fast enough, resulting to choppy or broken playback. If this is the case, there are some troubleshooting suggestions here that will help.


Kind Regards,

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Re: Video issue

Ok, so Droped the resolution to 720 at 30fps.
I put the screen on the GP4 and played it back, it was fine.

I connected it to my tablet and did a playback. It was fine.
I downloaded it to the tablet and it seemed ok.
I put the sd card into my computer and downloaded it through the gopro Quik and it had issues.


Computer specs:

Win10 - all current updates
Video is Nvidia GTX 970 - current firmware
CPU is i7 6700


Video programs used
VLC - updated to current
Windows default media player
Lightworks video editor.

Downloaded and installed h265 codec as well
I am not having any issues with the original videos i did when I got the gopro.

Now I think I found the issue. My card reader. I have tried 2 others and they are both usb 2 and no issues. usb 3 and it seem there is an issue. I found this out by grabbing my dslr shooting a quick video and same issue. plugged in the camera straight to the pc and no issues.
I will try after the batteries are charged and see if that fixes the issues on the GP's.

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Re: Video issue

Hi @michealcudd


Thank you for getting back to us with these information.

Feel free to let us know how it goes.