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Video hiding somewhere on SD card, but where ?

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Hi all,


Recently I recorded a theater play with my gopro (Hero4 Black). During the performance, realising that my memory card was running out of memory, I decided to change it at the intermission withe the SD card of my mobile phone. Everything seemed to go well and later I could watch the video on the Gopro app. But for some reason it is impossible to download the video on the app nor to transfer the files on my computer. So currently the video is stuck on my SD card.


Concerning the app, it indicates me that the weight of the video is more or less zero octet. When I launch the transfer of the video to the app, it completes instantanously which is stange as I recorded during 30 minutes, and then there is an error pictogram when I go to the saved video (exclamation mark in a triangle) and I cannot watch the video.


Concerning the computer, when I insert the SD card into it, the corresponding files appear in the browser, but they seem to be empty (zero octet for the .MP4 file, 74.0 Mo for the .LRV file) and I cannot watch the video.


Strangly, all the following videos that I recorded on the second memory card are present and I can download them normally...


I know my video is somewhere on my SD card, but where ???


Thanks for your answers !


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Re: Video hiding somewhere on SD card, but where ?

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Hello @zorank5642


It seems that the video file that you are looking for is corrupted. Which SD card have you used for it? Brand, capacity, specifications will be helpful. 


It is odd that you were able to watch it via app but not able to download it. based on the file sizes that you provided though, the .LRV (low resolution video) file is not zero which could probably by why you are able to view it in the app. Are you still able to watch the video via GoPro App? 


See if you are able to view the file through a different media player. Let us know what you find out.