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Video file disappeared after repair - 0 bytes on SD card

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I have a big issue with a brand new Hero 6 after recording a video of about 21 minutes. The camera was fully charged and attached to Karma Grip.


  • The red icon was on and it was counting the minutes so I am sure I was recording.
  • When I stopped the recording, the camera was frozen for several minutes.
  • The preview was stuck on the last frame, red icon on, minutes also stopped.
  • I needed to record more video so I turned the camera off and on again.
  • Once the camera rebooted, it said the last file was corrupted and asked to repair.
  • I clicked yes and it said that the file was fixed.

Except it disappeared from the browser view. If I access the SD card from my MacBook Pro, I can see the last file, no LRV for it, but the size is 0 bytes.


I need to retrieve that video. I tried with a recovery software (Disk Drill) and pulled out even some deleted/overwritten videos shot the previous days but not that one. The video was 2.7K at 50fps, the card is a SanDisk Extreme 64GB. Everything else on the card works perfectly fine and was shot with the same settings. I did not use the card after that, it shows 24.79 GB available. If I put it in the GoPro again, the last file appears as an exclamation mark, if I click it the camera beeps and the red light flashes.


I understand that a corrupted video file might not contain the metadata that allow playback - but is the GoPro not supposed to split long videos in multiple files while recording? Why can't I at least retrieve the first few minutes of recording? Most importantly: am I to expect that a Hero 6 is not able to succesfully record longer videos? After how many minutes its recording capabilities are not to be trusted anymore?

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Re: Video file disappeared after repair - 0 bytes on SD card

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Sorry for the late reply. I just came across your question. I think you need a good Video repair tool to repair your corrupted Video. As far as I'm concerned, I reply on Stellar Video Repair software. But then again. check on their site if your video format is supported. :)