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Re: Video extra grainy in the beginning of the clip

So how do I contact Gopro, since they are not answering here in this thread. I noticed when I turn off stabilization its less noisy, but its still there, the first second of the clip. It sholud not be like this.

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Re: Video extra grainy in the beginning of the clip

Protune Min *** MAX 3200  never said what the Min was?  Be also Nice if the Mod post his clip up (wink).  if you need to talk to 855-635-3578, or and choose chat.  Did you know that




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Re: Video extra grainy in the beginning of the clip

Sorry to hear about the trouble, @snowyjump20341. Setting up the ISO limit to max 6400 will give you brighter video in low light, but will eventually increase the image noise.


If you're saying that only the first second of your footage is extra grainy -- comparing it to the rest part of the video, and you've already gone through the manual update re-installation process, there could be a problem with your camera's image quality.


It will really help if you can provide an unedited short video samples displaying the image quality issue you are experiencing. You can share us a link to your video on a website, such as YouTube, Dropbox, or GoogleDrive, for our reference.


Please let our Support team know so they can help you with the next steps. Ensure to have your camera and proof of purchase ready for any information that they may need. You may reach them by phone or chat.