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Video correction

Went on a trip to find out mid way through somehow when I changed my settings for video it was in 2.7K (wanted) but FPS were at 24 (did not want) and now playback is choppy. What can I do to correct in editing? A way to lower resolution with more FPS or something? Solutions???? 

Settings at time of video:

Mode: Video

Res: 2.7K

FPS: 24

FOV: Wide

Low Light: NA

Spot: Off

Protune: On - 5500K, GP Color, Shutter auto, ISOLimit 1600, Sharpness High, EV Comp 0, 

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Re: Video correction

Do you have a sample of the video so we can see what you mean.  How are you playing it back and how is it choppy?


Framerate has nothing to do with resolution so you can't drop resolution to increase framerate.  Once a frame has been bade there is no way to recreate the gaps between frames,  Changing the rate that it's plated back will only make it play back faster (or slower if dropped).


Depending on what editing software you use it may be able to do an acceptable job in retiming the video - i.e. somehow recreate the missing frames inbetween the ones you have.  For 30cps it would have to create 1 brand new frames for every 4 existing frames.  This can be achieved by different methods.


  • Nearest - repeates one frame for the missing frame - can make the image look stuttering.
  • Frame Blend - takes the frame either side of the missing frames and blends them together - smoother than above
  • Optical Flow - magical pixies living in the computer redraw the missing frame using etchasketches.  OK, it's a software technique that tracks the pixels from one frame to another and estimates (a technical term for guess) where they would be in the missing frames.  This can be used well to take normal footage and change it to slow motion as well.  Sometimes the results are great and somtimes I think the etchasketches would have given a better result, I guess it's down to the content of the footage.