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Video Time stamp not correctly importing

Ok Guys, I’ve just spent 2 or so hours to support trying to resolve a time stamp issue on my GoPro Hero 7 when importing videos to Mac or ios photos app.  Eventually they said they’d replace the unit.  I remained unconvinced the union was ‘broken’ so did more research.  Check out the thread here (all 16 pages)


This is the exact same problem I am having.  I can also confirm the issue exists on my Hero 4 black.


There is a problem during the import stage that appears to prevent Photos on mac and iPad from correctly importing the time stamp.  It appears to double the GMT variation in my case.  I am at GMT + 10 hrs and the videos are time stamped GMT + 20 hrs.


There is a very big problem it is costing GOPro money in unnecessary support time and init replacement and is very inconvenient.


Please gopro support read the entire session 5 thread, do you own testing on current units with nac and/or ios and fix this issue.