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Video Recording Stops

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Hello guys,


My camera is Hero7 black.Firmware is the latest version, 1.61. SD card is Samsung EVO Plus 256GB. I have some Sandisk cards too.


I usually use it to record casual football games, so they are always long videos like 2.5 hours. Quality is 4k@30fps. So I use the Re-Fuel extended battery to do this. Product link:

I always take out the internal battery while using this. The casing is very well ventilated, can be seen from the link above.


But I found that the camera always stops recording after 70-90 minutes. ALWAYS. No matter what SD card I use. The battery still got 75% charge. No warning, no error, the saved files seem to be fine, everything seems fine before it stops, but then it just stops. All I have to do is just start the recording again, and it'll go on fine. Not restarting the whole camera but just press the record button. The camera did not freeze up. Not sure if it will stop again cause the games finish up in an hour after restarting. This is very annoying cause if I forget about it then half of the games won't be recorded. If I don't press the button, the camera will turn itself off after idling for a set time. So I end up setting an alarm for it.


I noticed that the factory battery was supposed to last 1.5 hours or so, but I don't rmemeber anything saying that the camera must also take a rest after such time? Is this a known bug? Is the team working on it? 



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Re: Video Recording Stops

Probably just getting too hot. Even if well ventilated, 4K is very taxing.
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Re: Video Recording Stops

I don’t remember feeling any extraordinary heat when I restart the recording though. I will double check it this Friday.