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Video Artifacts For Underwater Footages

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I've been using the GoPro Hero 8 to film scuba diving videos.  When the shots are contrasty, the artifacts appear like pixelation.  This happens when I'm filming a subject with a backdrop of just ocean blue or green (depending on the water). Samples on minute 2:05 until the next shot of the scuba diver, 3:17 on the top left corner


I'm trying to fix it post production but I can only minimise it if I lower the contrast to almost no visible borders within the footage.


My settings:

2.7K 60FPS

Sharpness: Low

Colour: Flat

Lens: Linear


What should I correct in my settings or shooting style to avoid this?

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Re: Video Artifacts For Underwater Footages

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Hi @hardysand02336


What SD card are you using?

What application did you use for editing?

Do you observe the same on the original file?




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Re: Video Artifacts For Underwater Footages

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Nice video! I think the well lit shots are clean, the one with a problem has less light. If that is the case the problem could be noise caused by high ISO. Also, since you film at 60 fps try to render with timeline at 60 fps.