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Very Disappointedwith Gopro Hero 9

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1) The Gopro 9 gets extremely hot in 5K

2) 5k footage is not sharp when viewing on my 5K monitor 

3) 5K footage shows red and blue pixels in 100-200max iso

4) 5K footage shows a bunch of grain and its a noisey video


Im not sure if anyone is us is experiencing this issue or if a i just have a bad gopro.


would love to know if anyone else is having the same issue or if gopro could help me out that would be wonderful


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Re: Very Disappointedwith Gopro Hero 9

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1) Overheating? Yes. Mine turned off because of overheating after approx. 45 minutes of recording 4K/50 and the battery was really hot.

3) Lots of people (including me, see this forum or reddit) have reported stuck pixels in the sensor. It's bad.

4) Noise? Yes.