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I have taken several video clips at resolutions of 1080, 1440 and 2.7k.

I have also varied the frame rate but not yet tried 100fps.

I have varied  the aspect ratio and switched off stabilisation.

After seven different settings, I must conclude that the Hero 7 Black is a little lemon.

My iphone X takes better video at 1080 at 60fps at 16:9 than the Hero 7.

It was suggested on here that my iMac is too old to cope with the data speed of the Hero 7 (it's a 2010 27" iMac).

However, the iMac copes easily with the video from the iPhone X at 1080 and 60fps with 16:9 aspect ratio.

The video taken on the Hero 7 is grainy, mottled, out of focus  and at 2.7k started to wobble.

I could accept that with the Hero7 at 2.7k, my ancient (2010) iMac might be too slow to cope, but not at the other resolutions and frame rates.

I am extremely disappointed with this Hero 7 Black and wish I'd stuck with the Hero 4 Black which was superb quality, but no stabilisation.

I've tried video clips without stabilisation on the Hero7 thinking that maybe there's a trade-off, but there was no difference in quality, apart from the shaking , which is to be expected.

My conclusion is that unfortunately, the Hero 7 Black is not fit for purpose. 

I'll post some experimental clips in the attachment box below of video taken  whilst driving,cycling and then to compare, a video whilst recreational skiing taken with my Hero 4 Black.

Please excuse the local humour re Brexit!

The videos are on Youtube links. The quality is the same on the Mac. Good from the Hero 4 but terrible from the H7.
I think you will agree the difference in quality is very obvious.

There are also some work (teaching) videos taken with the iPhone X and edited in iMovie, as were the GoPro clips.




Hero 4



iPhone X  - Obviously the iphone X videos were stationary so don't have the problem of fps at speed/action, but the resolution is still far superior to the Hero7  


All the videos are from two of  my  Youtube channels and were made using iMovie running on OS High Sierra.

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Hello @rob335. Please the reply we posted on the other thread - Thanks!