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VERY DISAPPOINTED with GoPro customer service and policies



  1. October 14 2020. Conversation with GoPro (customer service)
    1. Customer (me): I have not heard any updates on the new order placed on Sept 24th. I sent my Hero 3 and was received on Oct 1st at 11:08 am left on dock with Jesus. Are there any updates? I checked online order status and there is no information available. Please let me know any information and when to expect to be charged and my ETA. I understand covid is delaying things but I would expect some communication update. thanks a lot in advance.
  2. GoPro MISLEADING customers
    1. GoPro cust rep: Per checking, your order is HERO9 Black with GoPro Subscription and not supposed to be Trade Up.  I will confirm with our Team as we cannot combine one or two promotions in one order.
    2. Customer (me): so if the gopro plus subscription is considered an offer, why did it allow me to do check out and at the same time you guys sent me a label to send my trade in camera? Why was I never contacted about this before? it has been two full weeks already! Your system should not allow you to do both. otherwise you would have to go through this conversation with every customer and hopefully they do not wait like me 14 days after reading the 15 days statement. 
    3. Customer (me): You should have called me and told me, and your system should not MISLEAD customers to think they can get both by allowing them to order and send the old device.
    4. Customer (me): Can you send back the camera and then keep my subscription?
    5. GoPro: As much as I want to, I cannot guarantee that we can send back your old camera. Please be advised that it is also stated in the terms and conditions "Once you have shipped the Eligible Used Device to GoPro, GoPro cannot guarantee its return to you.". I will check to see what we can do about it but, we cannot guarantee, 
    6. Customer (me): that is exactly why you should not be able to allow customers order with the impression they can do both. So, here is what we need to do. go ahead and process my order with the subscription. and please send me back the camera. my camera is HD3BB061334EBC5
    7. Customer (me): PLease update your website in a way that does not allow your customers to do both before checking out...PLEASE!
    8. GoPro: Alright, I will forward your concern to the Team and see if they can send back your old camera. I will keep you posted via email as soon as I hear back. Thank you so much, :) No worries, I hear you and I cannot imagine how upsetting it is to you. I will do my best to get this fix for you. I will forward this concern right after this chat.

3. October 15th 2020: I am pleased to inform you that your order with Sales Order number SO-##### is ready for delivery and waiting for the courier to pick it up. You will be receiving another email with tracking number once the package is shipped. Also, we regret to tell you that we can no longer return the camera. 

UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! so here is what's happening right now. I still need to get the new camera otheriwise I got nothing :-(

I will inform my company, since this is a company purchased device about the current situation with GoPro. I will inform marketing, communications, and product development departments that we no longer have the old camera, that could have been used by someone else.

If we write policies like this and treat our customers the same way we would not have customers at all!


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Re: VERY DISAPPOINTED with GoPro customer service and policies

Im not happy with gopro as a whole.. I bought my GF the 8 and I got the 9 shortly after.  


They had me RMA my 9 and its been over 2wks since they got my RMA.. I still dont have a camera..


You think with all the money people spend with them they would value their customers a bit more..


I will not recommend or buy any gopro products going fwd.. Its the weekend and I still dont have my 9.. not impressed with the company as a whole.