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Using "voice commands" with TWO GoPro's

I have TWO GoPro Hero 7 Black's.

I want to know if I'm able to control them individually using "voice commands"?


My investigations to date are not positive, so I'm asking the "community".


As both cameras appear to require the same "wake word" of "gopro", I suspect I'm NOT going to get the results I'm seeking, which are, to use a wake word of "gopro1" and "gopro2", for example, to address each camera individually.


If it turns out that this is NOT possible, can a GoPro admin advise how we raise "feature requests" for future Firmware updates?



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Re: Using "voice commands" with TWO GoPro's

It's not a feature.

At the bottom of the page is a link for providing feedback (on mobile devices you have to change the display to 'Full').

Here is the link
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Re: Using "voice commands" with TWO GoPro's

I use 2 GoPro's as DashCams on the car (Hero 5 Session for the rear, Hero 7 Black facing forward) & used to have voice control on both. Sometimes tho if 1 camera didn't hear the command when you repeat it the other camera would turn back off again lol. I just use QuickRecord on thr Session & VoiceCommend on the Hero 7

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Re: Using "voice commands" with TWO GoPro's

If I had 2 go pro, it will be very easy for me as for all non native English speaker on Earth
My first would be en français pour les commandes vocales
The second one would be in English for vocal control

But I have heard that foreign languages are difficult ...;-)))