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Use as a webcam

Looking for a simple way I can use my GPH7 as to do a direct live stream to Facebook w/ Streamlabs OBS using it as my webcam attached to my MacBook Pro. This seems like it should be way easier than it is. Not interested in spending a bunch more money to get a video capture card or the CamLive 4K converter that are also next to impossible to find right now either. Please help. I don't know why you wouldn't be able to just utilize the HDMI or USB jack on the GPH7 to P&P as a webcam. I know I can just live stream from the camera itself, but what I want to do is utilize the graphics & editing options from Streamlabs OBS or OBS to add my virtual tip jar handles and other info during the live stream for my music. I wish GoPro would just have built this in as an option, I'd be willing to pay for that feature. Any help or insight on this topic? 

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Re: Use as a webcam

By contacting the URL below, your worries will be resolved.

Thank you very much.

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Re: Use as a webcam

what other Action type camera does it?  


Webcam driver needed, firmware written get with gopro feedback




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Re: Use as a webcam

There is only one way to get a stream from your GoPro Hero 7 to your macbook for use with OBS.  That is to purchase a HDMI capture card for your macbook.  You would then have to use the HDMI out on the camera and run it through the HDMI capture card attached to your macbook.  It is the ONLY way to do this.  Period.


This does utilize the HDMI port on the camera, but you still need something to capture the feed from that port.


The USB cannot be used as the camera was not designed to function as a webcam and therefore doesn't have video out over USB function built in.  The hardware just simply isn't there on the camera to allow for this.  The USB can only function as a charging port and file transfer port.