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Uploading video

I am trying to upload video from my gopro 7 black to my windows pc.(i also tried on my LG phone) But it is only uploading audio.(to both) I literally just uploaded video yesterday using the same process and thesame devices!! Also i noticed my gopro does not stay on when i plug it in. Which i did JUST YESTERDAY... Now i just says usb connected. Why is my gopro changing when i haven't done anything except record video and upload it to my pc or phone???
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Re: Uploading video

Hello @hardydusk48545. when the GoPro is powered on and connected to a computer, it is considered as a USB device, hence the USB connected symbol that you see. How are you uploading the videos? Are you doing it manually, or via Quik for desktop? There are instructions below that will help:

Let us know how it goes. Feel free to reply for any question that you might have. Thanks!