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Unhappy with defective camera battery, unhappy with support even after I ordered a new camera

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Just spent an hour with gopro support re my fusion that I purchased is September 2019, with some person from Indai (i assume),  I told her my battery would not hold charge and that it overheated after charging and would not allow the camera to funtion.


I went to GoPro website to order new battery.  Guess what?  They do not even offer them for the fusion. Why?  I purchased the fusion less than 3 months ago.


I called to ask them to refund my money and mentioned that I ordered a hero7 this am as I am leaving on vaction this week.


The support female said she had to troubleshoot my camera first, and started asking me questions about charging the battery etc.  I understand she has a script to adhere to but she told me I charged the battery for too long.


She told me to go to Best Buy to find a new battery.  Really?  That told me everyting I needed to know.  I hung up.


I will cancel mty order for the Hero7.


Go Pro is based in California, and as far as I am concerned is not someone I would recommend doing business with.