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Underwater review GoPro 7 Black w/o Super Suit

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Recently I've done a trip to Cape Verde and brought the new GoPro Hero 7 Black with me. The trip provided a great opportunity to test its waterproofing while snorkeling and diving. In short: It's kinda awesome!


Anyway here is the video I made with the Quik app afterwards;


Before leaving I didn't had time to buy the Super Suit, so the GoPro Hero 7 Black was not inserted in a Super Suit / Dive Housing. The mount I used during snorkeling and the dive was the 3-way. Love its versatility as tripod, selfiestick and handle.


The camera remained perfectly waterproof diving as deep as 10,4 meters. This depth was measured using our instructors diving watch. This means my GoPro could go deeper than factory specs. By saying this I dont want to encourage you to follow my example tho ... :-)


I am going to buy a Super Suit soon. Mainly because of peace of mind and next time I want to dive deeper than 10 meters.

Another reason is this: At around 9 meters the shutterbutton will become (com)pressed because of the waterpressure, so start/stop recording isn't possible anymore at that depth. This isn't the fault of GoPro ofcourse, it's just me testing this thing to its waterproof-limits. But because of this I missed a few shots. I resolved this by floating up a meter, pressing the shutter and the floating down again (! still not the best advice, only sharing experiences here :P). 


With snorkeling waterpressure isn't an issue, so my GoPro Hero 7 Black was fine to use without a case.


Some negatives are also worth mentioning. During my 8 day trip I experienced a batterydrain twice. The camera then gets warm, I couldnt turn it on and the battery drains out. On another occasion it locked up. Pulling the battery out and putting it back in - as some sort of hard-reset - was my only option. I really hope these negatives can be fixed with new firmware updates, because it makes the GoPro Hero 7 Black much more awesome :)


Further I'm very impressed by the videoquality, the stabilization, the Quik video-editing app, etc. It's almost the perfect little camera for me.


The following settings and apps were used to make the video:

• 1080P 50FPS for normal speed

• 1080P 100FPS for slomo

• Just standard settings (no protune)

• GoPro App and GoPro Quik to make the video


I'll get into 4K, ProTune, manual settings once I know what I'm doing.