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Underwater recording Issue

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I bought new GoPro HERO Black 7 two weeks ago, I brought it with me on vacation and I was excited use the camera while snorkeling, but I had issues with the footage I made. While on surfice everything is fine, the moment i dive (and this is only 1-2 meters dive) my camera is still recording, but the footage is normal, than fast foreward on moments, than normal again. Once I get back on surfice footage is normal all the way, but when I dive again same thing. Some parts are fast foreward and others are normal and the whole video in the end is a disaster. I tried to change settings few times, each time same result. Can you help me to resolve this problem, I don't want to return it cause I like my camera, but the underwater recording was the big part of me deciding to purchise this camera.

Thank you!

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Re: Underwater recording Issue

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Hi @bluetree32510,


We definitely want to help out the best way possible. I want to get a better understanding on the situation to help us provide you a good and workable resolution. I do have some things to check with you:

  • Is the problem happening on all videos? Or is it just with that one specific video recorded underwater?
  • Are you able to playback the video directly from the camera without issues? If yes, can you tell us how do you usually play the video back?
  • What are the video resolution settings used?
  • If you record a test video right now, are you able to get the same results during playback?


Kind Regards.