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Undelete video

I inadvertently deleted a video from my GoPro camera using the delete function on the camera. Any chance of recovering?

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Re: Undelete video

Sorry to hear about that, @paulshragg. We do not have any preferred methods of data recovery as this may vary from SD card manufacturers. We suggest reaching out to them for data recovery solutions that is recommended and known to work well. In the meantime, please avoid recording or taking any further images on the SD card that was used as it may overwrite the files that may have been on there to where it would not be possible to recover. 

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Re: Undelete video

Thank you for the rapid response.  Good info all.

Fortunately just an experimental file, so
no real harm done.  System clearly not idiot proof 
as I just demonstrated.  PEWU (Problem exists with USER)
Thanks Again
P.S. Fun learning how to use