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Unable to Update firmware and video freezes

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Hi, I have been finding difficulties in updating to newer version and I am not able to record videos as it freezes after 40th second. and restarts. I invested an huge amount of money one this, still unable to do anything with it. I bought this last month. Please help me in this regard. If I can get the refund or go for better version by exchanging this, that would be great. Looking forward for positive reply. Thanks

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Re: Unable to Update firmware and video freezes

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Hello @aaqilj0. Which camera are you using? Have you already attempted  a manual update process? There are steps here on how to do the manual update for specific camera models. It is also important that a recommended SD card is used in the camera. See if the one you have is among the recommended SD card list. Let us know how it goes.


If you encounter any error or may be stuck on a step, feel free to post back so owe can assist further. Thanks!