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Ulanzi BG-2 and GoPro 8

I just bought the Ulanzi BG-2 6800mAh Power Bank Handgrip to use it with my GOPRO HERO 8 camera.

I noticed a strange behavior: when camera is turned on and the power handgrip is connected to the camera, the camera battery charging indicator shows the charging but , the red light on the handgrip is off and it is not charging the battery inside the camera and the camera's battery just drains. I tried two different cables and the result is same.

I have my old phone charger “TYLT” from Costco and it is charging my GOPRO while it is “ON”.

Please let me know:

1. Is the battery can be charged in your GoPro when the camera is turned "ON" ?

2. Is the red light is "ON" on the Ulanzi BG-2 when it is connected to the GoPro and the camera is turned "ON" ?

Thank you in advance.