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USPS Lost Package

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I didn’t know if anyone had any information as to what to do if the USPS loses your package? I submitted a search request through the USPS (Case # 02961885) and then called GoPro asking where I go from here. They said follow up with the USPS and this is where it starts getting tricky. USPS emailed me saying I had to contact the Military Post Office and closed my request. I called the MPO (NAF Atsugi) and they said the item never even left the post office it was accepted at so I have to talk to the post office directly. When I called the Louisville PO, they said I had to file a claim online and when I told them I had already done so and told them the whole story, they told me they couldn’t help me and hung up. Honestly at this point I just want a refund. How do I get a refund? I paid for a GoPro in August, I haven’t gotten a GoPro and it’s now October. I want my money back. I don’t want to talk to anyone else or email someone, I just want my money back.
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Re: USPS Lost Package

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how did you pay and go that route  your creditcard, put a dispute in let tehir team handle it.