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USB cable failed of a Brand new Goprp

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I just purchased a Gopro Hero 6 from New Delhi, India.
It is only 15 days old. The USB cable has suddenly stopped working. I tried third party cable to check where the issue is. All other cables are working but not the one that came with the gopro. I experienced that third party cables are taking too long to charge the gopro and then also the battery drains too quickly after charging with the third party cables.
So i am seeking to get the service every day but it is shocking to know that GoPro has such a terrible service in India. No service centres, no dedicated customer care number for India. Nothing.
If somebody can tell me what is the solution i would be very thankful.


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Re: USB cable failed of a Brand new Goprp

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Sorry to hear this. if you got a cable already then you are good,,  Take the  loss.  You will need to contact gopro via a phone or chat.  Are  you  trying that? they are open from Monday -friday at 6:AM pacific time.  If your cable is no good get a new one, if the camera is broken then I truely understand your frustration.   If a camera is Sold in your region it should have service at your r egion. sounds like it is not?  


I like a 3 ft cable not a 1 ft cable.   just saying