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USB Port design has changed on HERO 8 Black

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Can people post images of the USB port on thier GoPro HERO cameras so I can compare please?

The USB port on my HERO 8 Black seems a lot flimsier than on my old HERO 6 Black... the socket isn't supported by the casing and I'm wondering how this compares to other models. It doesn't seem as robust as perhaps it used to be.

The port is also now horizontal (it was vertical on the HERO 6) and there's only one door - so to use the port the battery and SD card are now exposed. On the HERO 6 there are two doors - battery and SD protected by one and the USB and Micro HDMI by another.

It looks to me that USB connectivity is being neglected and cost savings are being made because of the emphasis on Wi-Fi and phone connection - with uploading of videos to the cloud associated with that.

The videos I make are far too big to be transfered to the cloud and USB is the only method I use to get the videos onto my PC for editing.

The HERO 8 Black USB socket looks sub standard and more focused towards the upcoming mods - which look like they will have 'proper' ports on them....

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Re: USB Port design has changed on HERO 8 Black

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If you think that port is loose or out of place, please reach out to our Support team directly at We'll be glad to look into this with you. Thanks.

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Re: USB Port design has changed on HERO 8 Black

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Already done thanks!

Got an RMA and a new HERO 8 Black replacement.

The socket has changed....



I'll be getting the Media Mod to stop the socket being damaged again by the mic adaptor.

If you GoPro HERO 8 Black is having USB problems then this is probably why.This video describes it and explains whether or not it could be a problem you need...