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UPS-like solution for GoPro

Is there any device that can act as a UPS for the camera (I plan to operate it without its battery, connected to a USB charger, installed in my car's lighter socket), except a pass-through power bank?

(A pass-through power bank is the only solution it came to my mind, but it obviously isn't designed to be used as a back-up power source).

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Re: UPS-like solution for GoPro

Hi @askingaround,

Power bank is what most users use as a backup power source for extended recording.

The GoPro camera will work normally when powered from an external power source 5V 1A (5V 2A recommended for HERO7 Black, Silver and White, HERO6 Black, Fusion, HERO5 Black and HERO5 Session) via USB-C cable.


I suggest removing the battery if you will be using the camera for very long-term shooting (e.g. Timelapse) to prevent the camera from overheating – at some point, preventing potential damage to the battery as well. Other users have expressed similar suggestion when using external power source for continuous recording. 


On a side note, without the battery installed, the camera will eventually turn off the moment that the external power stops. 


Kind Regards,