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Two button mode menus when connected with HDMI

Hi Support,


I'm having trouble getting in to the two button menu mode when the camera is connected to a TV using HDMI. Holding mode button while pressing shutter button which normally brings out the menu on the front screen does not do anything when connected on HDMI.


However, found that if I hold down the shutter button for a while when in video recording mode, I bring out a LCD look alike on screen menu un the TV screen (see attachment). I cant get this menu started in any other mode than video. After sucessfully entering this mode, the two button menu mode can be brought up using normal button procedure. 


Can you confirm the above, is this how it's suppose to work?


My other, and bigger concern, is that I wont be able to see the front screen since it is covered in my rig. That means, I would want to use the two button menu mode with the TV screen, but the menus are not shown here so I cant navigate. Is there any solution or settings for this?


Thanks for your advise,


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Re: Two button mode menus when connected with HDMI

Hello @pappamos,

Thanks for reaching out. When your camera is connected to an HDTV via HDMI, you can only move through the controls using Mode button, then use the Shutter button to select the control. You can find more information about using your camera with an HDTV on Page 56-57 of HERO7 Black camera's Product Manual:

Kind Regards,