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Turning off stabilization - Hero 7 White

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I've had my Hero 7 white for a good 2 months now and theres one thing that is really beginning to irritate me. The stabilization.

Don't get me wrong, the stabilization is amazing in the right circumstances but for what I've been using it for, it isn't. I added a suction cup mount to my car to get some video from it to share online. The footage looks really wobbly and unstable as the camera attempts to stabilize the bumps in the road and not the vehicle itself, looking extremely unnatural and silly

Example: (Very evident later on when going over speed bumps)


I was just wondering if there is actually a way to just turn this off completely because it does get quite irritating and I'd rather just be able to turn it on manually. If there is no option, I am perfectly fine with selling it to gather enough money to invest in the 7 Black.



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Re: Turning off stabilization - Hero 7 White

Hello @bravepeak40386. At this time, there is no option yet to turn off stabilization on the HERO7 white camera. We appreciate your feedback. We will pass this along to the team. 

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Re: Turning off stabilization - Hero 7 White

Yeah that's fine! It's only minor but it's definitely something I'd be thankful for.
I'll stick with it for a while longer before upgrading