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Trouble, freezing with Hero 7 silver

Hi, I bought a GoPro Hero 7 silver from Media Markt Innsbruck, but after using it for a week, I have had experienced the camera freezes up again and again. I was following
This instruction above but same frozen problem happened again.
I was trying to chat with online customer service a couple of times, but I can't reach to this support at all, say "currently not available".
How and where can I send my GoPro to get refund? I'm currently traveling in Europe, away from the shop I bought.

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Re: Trouble, freezing with Hero 7 silver

Hello @redcrest075. Sorry to hear about the trouble. Appreciate you going through the recommended steps. Did chat show unavailable during local hours of operation in your current location? Refund could only be requested and processed from the seller/store where the camera was bought from. Support will be able to help with the next steps after troubleshooting so please contact them again. 


Let us know how it goes. We would like to know what could be going on with the contact channels, specially with chat. We'd love to hear back from you if changing the location (see upper right portion of the contact page) say, to US, will push the chat through. Thanks!

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Re: Trouble, freezing with Hero 7 silver

@redcrest075 Search this site for "freezing". And Google "Hero 7 freezing". 


This I promise you, you will not ever, as in never, receive a refund. The refund period is ONLY 30 days from purchase from GoPro.  And IF you request a refund during this time they will not do so and tell you that your MUST accept a warranty replacement. By the time all of this happens your 30 day window will have expired. So, their internal policies are such that you WILL NEVER RECEIVE A REFUND. 


I have been round and round with GoPro and am on my FIFTH camera in 67 days. I currently have a case open with my credit card company, have contacted the consumer protection agency (Federal Trade Commission) and am about to contact my states Attorney General. 


Good luck.

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Re: Trouble, freezing with Hero 7 silver

Thanks for your advise. Actually that's my big concern. I bought GoPro for traveling Europe, away from the store I bought, all the process has to go through the store I bought. What is worse, shipping process takes long time in Europe. I'm in remote area in Norway now.