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Transfer speed? Non-existent/Slow

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So I got my brother's old Session.


Recorded bunch of videos but when I try to download them on my iPhone.

It downloads the first vid but the second second video gets stuck... everytime... blue lines go midway (or almost to the end) and never completes it....


I've tried to do this overnight, and same result.


So I am now trying again after doing a manual update (I used a spare memoary card to get the Update folder, that way I don't wan to lose my files).


Any tips would be appreciated...

Note: This is from the GoPro App and downloading Media to my phone. Not uploading to GoPro server.

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Re: Transfer speed? Non-existent/Slow

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Is there enough space free on your phone?  And I'm not talking about your SD card space if you have one in your phone as the app does not store video to the SD card.  Your phone itself has to have enough free space to download all the video's.