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Trade up is still a scam in 2019

I see comments about tradeup scam from 2 or 3 years ago and I see its still true. This could qualify for a class action I suppose. They say, they will send the camera within 14 days of receiving the tradein, but from the UPS notes, the final delivery is being delayed for more than 10 days to buy more time. In my case, I See the trade in reached the destination (GoPro premises)on Dec2nd, but they loaded into the "truck" after 10days and now they are saying, it is the UPS who failed !!!.Why dont they say, it could take upto 30 days (which is infact the case for me now) instead if they cannot really process the volume... And looking at these reviews, this has been going on for atleast 2+ years. 

*Recording since some tradeup customers could level their expectations. GoSlow, nothing pro about this. .

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Re: Trade up is still a scam in 2019

I ask where do you see it say 14 days they have to  promise you a camera?  


If the camera is backordered does that scam apply?   So here I gone to DJI:


1.  camera perfectly working, check    the best one that applies have ten days to decline if not satasfied for the next step. DJI turns around and tells me your camera does not qualify for the top two  check marks.   S C A M ! ! ! .    took them 5 days to get the camera, 5 more days to check it out and 5 more days to act on it.  S C A M ! ! ! .  then promised to ship two days S C A M ! ! ! .   after 3 plus weeks I had   the camera or Four weeks.  was it worth the   savings.    to some yes to others no its just a S C A M ! ! !.


Sorry but nothing new about how things work with GoPro they are not perfect nor am I.